Whats up?!

Welcome to Bodega Berlin "Fashion & Treats".

We started Bodega Berlin in late 2021 out of our mutual passion of collecting vintage clothing, toys, trading cards and sneakers from the 90s, especially sportswear (NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.) and old Nike apparel as well as other brands.

With Bodega Berlin we finally had a reason to get all the vintage pieces we liked - even if they weren't our size - and could make them accessible to others who hopefully have the same appreciation for them as we do.

With our selection, we have set ourselves the goal of tracking down the jewels from bygone times that deserve attention not only because of their quality, but also because of their sustainability.

Those who buy vintage or second-hand clothing consume consciously, ecologically and sustainably!

Besides that we have also realised a lack of limited American sodas & snacks in Europe so we brought back some snacks & drinks that brings back memories.